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We understand that the decision to seek infertility treatment is one of the most important and emotional decisions that a woman can make. We start with a personal consultation on you and your partners’ history and concerns, followed by an individualized plan to work up what the specific problems are and then a detailed discussion of treatment options. We also understand the cost concerns of our patients and individualize the testing and treatments offered with these in mind. We also work with all the infertility specialists in the area to provide locally based care for our patients who require in-vitro fertilization and other specialized treatments.

Our Fertility Treatments
  • Semen Analysis
  • In Office Sperm Washing and IUI
  • HSG X-Ray Ultrasound performed by Dr. Girling and Dr. Mellijor-Figg
  • IVF Referrals
  • Reproductive Care Center Consultations in Office
  • Medical & Surgical Treatments Available

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Our goal for our infertility treatments are to greatly increase your chances of conception.
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