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Gynecology (Gyn)

We offer gynecology care in Teton County and surrounding areas for every stage of a women’s life from teenage to the golden years. We provide annual screening wellness exams and such health maintenance items as pap smears, health labs, vaccines, cancer genetic testing and STD testing. We are also here for you when you need treatment for abnormal bleeding, pain, contraception, incontinence or hormonal imbalances. We offer in office physician ultrasounds, biopsies, evaluation and treatment of pre-cancer cells of the cervix, and hormonal analysis and multichannel urodynamic for incontinence. Both Dr. Girling and Dr. Mellijor-Figg are experienced surgeons in major, minor and minimally invasive surgery to help her patients when this is required..

Our Gynecology Services Include:
  • Hormonal Counseling
  • Incontinence and Pelvic Eval and Treatment
  • Urodynamics
  • Major and Minor Surgeries
  • Medical Alternatives to Surgery
  • Contraceptive Counseling & IED Placement
  • Cancer Evaluation and Referrals

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